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County Engagement Forums with Kiambu County Assembly Members

Embrace inclusion arranged  for a forum with an aim of engaging the County Assembly Member nominated to represent Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Kiambu County Assembly; Hon. Jane Nyokabi  with DPOs leader across Kiambu County. Hon. King’ara, MCA Mwihoko ward in Ruiru constituency accompanied Hon. Nyokabi by attending the forum.

Embrace inclusion invited two sub county D.P.O representatives from the twelve sub counties and also parents of children with disabilities were represented.

The meeting was to present to D.P.O leaders an opportunity to meet the person nominated to be PWDs representative in the County Assembly,  to chart the way forward and engage on modes of teaming up for the benefit of PWDs in Kiambu county.

Another goal was to create awareness on expectations of persons with disabilities in Kiambu County from the county government. This was in terms of availing opportunities equally to all and adhering to the constitution when giving recruiting; including the emphasis on the 5% of all available positions to be preserved for PWDs as stipulated in the constitution.

Educating available participants on the structures of a county government, positions available and various role played by the bearers of the positions was also a key discussion. The engagement also targeted attendants by educating them on various planning cycles of the county government’s budget activities, when they take place and how they can ensure that they fully participate and be represented.

The driving agenda was inspired by the “Sustainable Development Goals” motto leaving no one behind. Through this, a presentation explaining the importance of the engagement in ensuring that PWDs are not left behind in any county program that was being run was presented to the attendants. It emphasized on creating a county where PWDs are given opportunities without any form of discrimination.

The focus of the presentation was to bring out the connection between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), United Nation Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and Persons with Disabilities Act 2003 (PWD Act); in relation to ensuring that PWDs live a dignified life and should be part of any development Agenda. It highlighted common agendas in all such as inclusive education, health, employment and dignity. It also emphasized on issue of gender equality among PWDs.

Embrace inclusion showcased another presentation on advocacy and how conduct effective advocacy depending on factor such as targets and methods available to PWDs.

Hon. Nyokabi then took over the and urged all PWDs to desist from initiating internal wrangles as they will undermine efforts being put in place to ensure proper mainstreaming. She urged for unity and promised to develop structures to ensure her availability to serve all members equally. She also promised to engage the county government in an effort to advocate for a position of director of disability; apposition that will serve to help advise the county departments and M.C.As on PWDs issues and opportunities that should be availed to them.

She mentioned issues such as jobs and education for PWDs as the key things she was going to address in the County Assembly. She urged all PWDs to support her and build a strong bond that will work for the benefit of all.

Hon. Nyokabi also encouraged PWDs to build strong groups within themselves and appoint progressive and selfless leaders who can engage and come up with policies to solve most of the problems faced by PWDs in the county.

Hon. King’ara pledged to fully support Hon. Jane on issues pertaining PWDs and insisted on importance of togetherness on this matter. As the Kiambu Minority leader, he pledged to ensure that they will advocate for opportunities and for PWDs to be safeguarded and ensure that their issues are addressed.

The leaders praised the efforts of Handicap International, ANDY and Embrace Inclusion, for ensuring that such engagement took place as it gave them the opportunity to learn about the county structures and various roles they can play in running of activities in the counties.

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