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Kabete Sub County Inclusive Election Engagement Forum

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Kabete is one of the twelve Sub Counties in Kiambu County where Embrace inclusion took its inclusive election program in partnership with Handicap International (HI) and Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY).

The forum was held on 20th June 2017 at Bishop Kariuki Integrated Training Centre, Wangige. It was attended by DPO leaders from the Sub County, invited PWDs from across the Sub County, sitting Member of Parliament Hon. Ferdinand Waititu team, aspiring candidates for various political seats together with HI and ANDY representative who were doubling up as co facilitators together with Embrace inclusion team.

The key agenda was to identify reasons why majority of PWDs from this area do not participating in election process.

The key emerging key reasons were as follows:

  1. Lack of information on different roles of elected leaders
  2. Lack of proper support frame by IEBC
  3. Lack of clear understanding of the need of some forms of disabilities by election officials
  4. Lack of proper mechanism to guarantee security to PWDs during the election.

Embrace inclusion took this opportunity to invite the major stakeholders and aspirant to collectively come up with measures that would ensure the above issues are addressed.

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